"Perfectly Imperfect" Prints

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Acrylic on canvas

Story: For what is a butterfly without her wings many would ask?
Beauty was now seen as marred.
Scars exposed for all to see and only one wing remaining.
The world thought it could cripple her with it's cruelty and make her succumb to the defeat of her missing wing.
But she was not your ordinary butterfly to give in to a demise and she finally answered that very question that others had taunted her with. And she responded and said "I am that butterfly without a wing that deserves to be loved" and she reclaimed her crown.
Scars. We all have them.
Scars are not always physical, they're also emotional, mental and non-visible left from wounds. Whether they stem from failed relationships, sickness, mistreatment or misunderstandings, the heartbreaks are deep. When you look upon my scars, they hold stories, of who I am. Unafraid and fierce. These wounds afflicted by every journey through life that came to a closing.
That reminds me frequently of pasts that I put behind but know that they are never buried. The physical scars that mark my body, reminds me once again that I'm alive.
For the scars upon my heart all I can think of is that "it was only yesterday” and for the scars left upon my soul, I look upon them with praise and remind myself that "I'm stronger than I could ever be".
These scars that hold their stories will always remind us of who we have always been which is that we are human.
Now that I have accepted my scars and finally learned to love them. I'm now asking to be given the space to be imperfect, vulnerable and loved as the world gazes upon them.
I am not too broken to fly.
And | leave the message that...
Difficult does not mean impossible