Payment Plan

This payment plan helps you own the original painting your heart desires without breaking the piggy bank. In order to fulfill this you will need to follow these steps:

                                          Want it?

  • You'll first fill out the form through the Contact Page, with the subject "Payment Plan" and in the message section name the painting you're looking to own.

                                    Easy Payments

  • Secondly, you'll recieve one (1) PayPal Invoice for the original artwork. The invoice allows for multiple payments until paid full. 

                                          Own it!

Once the final payment has been received, your painting will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. How it works: The payment plans are divided into 3 monthly payments and can be extended to 6 monthly payments depending on the price of the painting. The first initial deposit is non- refundable after 2 days. The select artwork is then labeled “Pending Purchase”, until all payments have been made. Available for originals starting at $300+